Public Safety Power Management (PSPM)

The ENX PSPM Solution

Wildfires are becoming more extreme and the occurrence of megafires (fires that burn more than 100,000 acres) is becoming more common, all while wildfire season in the U.S. has grown from five to an average of seven months. It’s critical for utilities to have more effective plans for mitigation, inclusive of new protocols, methods and technologies.

Take command of Fire Mitigation strategies, community communications and reporting demands with the ENX Public Safety Power Management (PSPM) Solution.


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Public Safety Energy

With Intelligent Power Management 

Utilities for PSPM are under growing pressure to provide Public Utility Commissions (PUC’s) and customers with comprehensive Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) plans. The ability to execute upon PSPS plans are highly manual today to provide transparency, event triggers, audit controls and analysis reporting. The ENX PSPM solution alleviates these growing challenges freeing resources to focus on the energy priorities of the future.

  • ENX Data Integration: Integrate data from multiple sources to perform data science and advanced analytics
  • ENX Network Viewer: Provides 360-degree visibility into real-time and historical data for weather and grid conditions
  • ENX Heat Map: Provides radar charts to configure threshold alerts, probabilities and notifications to support power management decisions

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Energy Intelligence for PSPM

The PSPM is also integrated (modified)


ENX Energy Platform Capabilities 



ENX empowers solution integrity through data insights, predictive ML and advanced resiliency designs.  

  • Drag and drop analytics display for custom dashboard views
  • Automated alerts that sync with your display wall
  • Save storyboard layouts by substation, feeders, phases, consumers and more
  • ENX utilizes control room visualization technology applications with companies such as Activu.

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