Intelligent Marketplace

Reinventing and enxtending your supply chain for the future?

Supply chain disruption is a major concern for all types of enterprises and is causing challenges in various areas such as sourcing and procurement, logistics, asset management, and demand-supply planning. The utility and construction industries are particularly affected by these challenges, and it can be difficult for them to quickly adjust and adopt digital solutions to address these issues. Some of the specific challenges they may face include:

  • Inventory shortfalls
  • Longer lead times with lack of visibility or understanding of future timeframes
  • Lack of communication or collaboration with vendors
  • Increased labor challenges 

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ENX Intelligent Marketplace

The ENX Intelligent Marketplace is a platform that connects various elements of supply chain management (SCM) to improve visibility and reduce risks. It enables organizations to continue to meet the demands of SCM even in a high-volatility market by using a digital platform approach that is engineered and designed by ENX. The platform realigns internal processes to meet current demands, increases product market-category management, enhances supplier integration, and reduces the time required to commission and view digital devices in a single view. This can help organizations to be more efficient, reduce costs, and make better-informed decisions in the face of supply chain disruptions.

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ENX Grid Interactive Gateway

As defined by DOE the “Grid Interactive Controller is the ability of two or more systems or components to exchange information and to use the information that has been exchanged.”  

Procurement and Inventory Optimization The enx Intelligent Marketplace – SCM module is based on a digital experience and integration from manufacturing to asset deployment which has traditionally lagged in the utility sector and built environment sectors. With increased weather events like ice storms, wildfires, hurricanes, and events like COVID 19 it is becoming paramount for critical infrastructure providers and the built environment to focus on SCM and rapid response timeframes. The enx Intelligent Marketplace – SCM is an advanced solution that streamlines and enxtends the entire process and project – supply chain management – asset deployment and digital experience energy intelligence (EI) as illustrated on the adjacent page.

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