Distributed Energy
Resource Manager (DERM)

Distributed Energy Resources Management (DERM)

The ENX Microgrid Platform helps utilities, developers and aggregators organize DER assets systematically, creating new value streams, provide enhanced resiliency, and multiple grid network benefits. The platform serves as a network orchestration of infrastructure, facilities, assets and people.
Traditional microgrid designs have been limited to DER integration and not a fully integrated front-of-the-meter (FTM) and beyond-the-meter (BTM) interoperability design. The ENX Microgrid model enables a higher level of ROI as all energy assets are engineered to operate optimally enabling full modulation of loads.  
The ENX energy cloud and nodal architecture creates an intuitive microgrid experience. The ENX Energy Platform allows our clients to take advantage of a highly digitized and dynamic energy environment. A platform where multidirectional networks are created and support two-way energy flows are possible.
Utilities and the customers they serve will soon be required to be more responsive to a changing energy market. A market creating interconnected infrastructure, assets, devices and data engineered for interoperability will be highly rewarded through new monetization models.
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ENX Energy Transition 

Distributed Energy Resources Manager (DERM) It is unquestionable that Distributed Energy Resources and IoT is creating unprecedented disruption within the energy sector. This disruption is creating new value propositions to consumers through increased flexibility in managing energy on both sides of the meter.
Distributed energy resources represent the full spectrum of solar, traditional backup generation, storage, electric vehicles and edge devices. With the growth of intermittent power and increased capabilities consumers can now see new levels of grid resiliency and cost reductions.
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ENX DERM Key Features

  • Pre-engineered and designed solutions that accelerate the user experience.

  • Dashboards that are user and facility specific.

  • Map view of all infrastructure, assets and power flows.

  • Asset registry for each independent area: infrastructure, facilities, assets and devices.

  • Thresholds and alerts for all independent assets.

  • Out-of-the-box analytic gallery.

  • Intelligent marketplace for adding additional plug-n-play devices.

  • ESG dashboards

  • DERM controls schemes and integration with the ENX Grid Interactive Controller

  • Command center integration with predetermined storyboard layouts.

Solutions + Value Drivers:

Load Modeling/Alignment

reduce CAPEX and OPEX

DER Siting/Sizing

analyze, use and predict future patterns

Microgrid Monitoring/Control

Increased Reliability

resiliency across your ecosystem

Virtual Power Plant

take control of the energy chain

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