Digital Operation Center (DOC)

Empower Your Organization with Data Insights

Today’s Digital Operations Center is core to innovation, capturing and retaining digital talent and serves as a digital factory. In addition, the DOC provides utilities with next-generation capabilities like a Virtual Power Plant (VPP). Assets that make up a VPP are connected, coordinated, and securely monitored within the enx Vis|Ability solution. In order for micro-generation to be effective contextualized storyboarding of data is required.

The digital transformation is expected to create higher demands on utilities than any other sector. Moreover, with zero tolerance for deviations in safety and reliability, the digital strategy takes on greater importance.


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enx Vis|Ability

Value Proposition

It's imperative for utilities to move quickly in positioning for this increase in downline assets. Positioning for increased intelligence and visibility into disruptive technologies and turning disruption into opportunity.

  • Increase you rate of return on physical plant investments with a holistic view of your system and grid interconnected assets: virtual power plant out of the box solutions are provided that accelerate time to value and new in-sights.
  • Out-of-the-box solutions are provided that accelerate time to value and new in-sights
  • Improve your situational awareness to rapidly adjust to disruption and uncertainty by prioritizing investments through data and new insights.
  • Context-driven data and domain relevant analytics.
  • Offer new flexibility services like demand response, energy as a Service, Etc.


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Enrich Your Data With DOC

Discover New Ways of Leverage Data and Transform Uncertainty into New Opportunities. Drive new efficiencies, growth and innovation through the next generation digital operation. Act will upend key tenants of utility resource planning, including the need for bottom-up forecasting to account for pending surge in electric vehicle and building load.

The ENX Visibility solution enables utilities to SEE assets load from “Generation to Toasters,” a requirement in this new digital economy and increased acceleration of distributed energy resources, IoT, Microgrids, ETC

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enx empowers solution integrity through data insights, machine learning and advanced designs.  

It has been said “data is the new data is fool’s gold, Insights is the new gold.” At ENX we believe that data should empower organizations and people do not overwhelm or increase the cost of doing business. Nearly 90% of data ever created was generated in the past several years. This influx of data is driving new value streams.

The ENX Visibility solution pro-vides enterprises—utilities with a interactive command center experience ensuring that the right data, to be placed in front of the right people, at the right time, for the right insights -decisions.

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