Virtual Grids

With ENX You Can Gain Visibility and Control of Your Entire Grid

Visualize and control all assets to optimize the grid using network views, deep insights, simulations and analytic dashboards. Leveraging predictive analytics and algorithms, make informed decisions across the grid for enhanced performance, safety and cost savings.

Evolve beyond the “smart grid” to a more enhanced platform of connectivity, analytics, predictive and prescriptive maintenance, machine learning and digital twins with the ENX Virtual Grid as a Service Module.

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Virtual Grid Features and Applications

With ENX you can visualize all grid assets in a single geospacer and/or nodal network view. All grid assets by substation, feeder or phase are at your finger-tips.  Our platform allows for you to simulate and project grid risk and potential impacts (sectionalizing, line loss, load factor, vegetation management and more). Browse the Grid Analytic Gallery and build customized dashboards. The ENX Virtual Grid provides: 

Grid Network View
Grid Solutions
Map View
Grid Dashboards
Grid Assets
Grid Alerts
Grid Analytics
Grid Simulations

Solutions + Value Drivers:

DERM/DMO Capabilities

control of all assets, resources and market conditions


outage management + mitigation



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