ENX Microgrid Benefits and Outcomes

ESG Recent research from the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate finds that bold climate action could deliver at least $26 trillion in economic benefits through 2030… the world will invest $90 trillion in infrastructure by 2030, more than the current stock in place globally today. How that infrastructure is built will be a major determinant of future prosperity for both people and the planet.

Navigant reports “that every company uses one or more of four basic business models: asset builder, service provider, technology creator, and network orchestrator.” Among Fortune 500 companies, linear business model (asset builder, service provider, and technology creator) on average scale more slowly and are less profitable than the platform focused network orchestrator business models.


Microgrid Solutions


ENX Microgrid Services allows you to decrease reliance on centralized power sources with ecosystem-wide visibility and control, from generation to toaster. Leverage the graph database for energy consumers and reveal relationships between assets, structures, people and data for enhanced decision making and optimization across your network.

  • Provide efficient, low-cost, clean energy
  • Improve the operation and stability of the regional electric grid
  • Critical infrastructure that increases reliability and resilience
  • Reduce grid “congestion” and peak loads
  • Enable highly-efficient CHP, reducing fuel use, line losses, and carbon footprint
  • Integrate grid interactive efficient buildings

With recent focus on reducing inflation through the use of microgrids, coupled with legislation that will reduce the cost of such grids by up to 50%, microgrids and virtual power plants are the prudent energy solution of choice for organizations across the U.S


Microgrid Energy Intelligence

As a network orchestrator, ENX brings together cross-functional, multi-disciplinary technology and expertise to build the energy ecosystems the future requires. Our scalable platform elevates the siloed asset and energy service platform models and unlocks opportunity and value across the entire energy chain.

• DER/Microgrids will be worth $110 billion by 2026
• GEBs could lead to a $100–200 billion U.S. electric power savings
• IoT Market is estimated to reach $142 billion by 2026
• The Big Data Analytics market will reach $103 billion by 2023

Solutions + Value Drivers:

Load Modeling/Alignment

reduce CAPEX and OPEX

DER Siting/Sizing

analyze, use and predict future patterns

Microgrid Monitoring/Control

Increased Reliability

resiliency across your ecosystem

Virtual Power Plant

take control of the energy chain

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