Distributed Energy

Consolidate and Control your Energy Resources at Scale

View, manage and optimize disparate energy resources throughout your network in a single, integrated and interoperable platform. Gain control of all resources via dashboards, network views, deep insights and simulators.

The ENX integrated Distributed Energy Resources as a Service Module allows you to be your own DERM and serve as the aggregator and coordinator of all DER. Optimization of resources accelerates innovation at the consumer level and allows you to “Uberize” assets upstream and downstream. Want to learn more?

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Enabling utilities to serve as a Distribution Energy Resource Manager (DERM)

Single view of all DER throughout your network

DER monitoring and control capabilities

DER integration (battery, solar, IoT, back-up generation and more)

Virtual Power Plant capabilities to enable scheduling schemes

Real-time market dispatching and response—become a Distribution Market Operator (DMO)



DER Analytic Dashboard
DER Network View
DER Solutions
Map View
DER Assets
DER Analytics
DER Simulator



Solutions + Value Drivers:

DERM/DMO Capabilities

control of all assets, resources and market conditions


outage management + mitigation



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