Insights and Analytics

Insight Center

Consider the Insights as a Service (Insightsaas) module your all-in-one easy button. Access a gallery of pre-built analytics developed from shared learning across the ENX ecosystem. Aggregate and accelerate disparate data from across your enterprise, including CIS/FIS, KRTA and other relational data and gain a 360-degree view of all infrastructure, assets, devices and people.

Ingest data from any source and structure it in a graph database to uncover hidden relationships and make more informed decisions.


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Applications and Features


The ENX Insight Center ingest customer and financial information into a single network view and Interface with multiple CIS/FIS vendors. Thresholds and alerts by asset, groups of assets and geographic area while providing instant load profile data. Our custom dashboard of enterprise analytics from the Analytics Gallery includes:

  • predictive, out-of-the-box/prebuilt analytics

  • pre-determined analytics across CIS/FIS, Grid, DER, IoT, Microgrids and more

Our ENX Network can view of all your enterprise using a graph database which will allow for you to view previously hidden relationships between data, assets, structures and people. In addition, provide single view of assets, life cycle and depreciation schedules.


  • My Dashboard
  • Enterprise Pulse
  • Assets
  • Alerts
  • Network View of CIS/FIS/GIS
  • Analytic Gallery
  • Data Library: Weather, Demographic, Geographic, EIA


Business Intelligence

enhanced decision making


predictive maintenance + increased preparedness

Machine Learning

new insights + trend identification

Digital Twins

situation analysis + modeling

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