Electric Vehicles

ENX Electric Vehicle Value Solutions 

EV represents both a threat and opportunity to the utility industry.  EV introduces many challenges associated with infrastructure capacity and capabilities.  At the same time EV represents a multidimensional growth opportunity as EVs are projected to be the single largest addition of energy demand to the grid in the coming years.  The ENX Energy Platform helps the cooperative become the aggregator and dispatcher of EV loads.  The following applications enable the cooperative to capture and harness this high impact—high growth opportunity. 

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ENX Charging Grid for Electric Vehicles


EV Charging 2 Grid


  • Grid Analytics:  Analytic gallery associated with the utility grid; substation, feeder, phase, special equipment and intelligent devices.  Analytic types:  Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Forecasting, Machine Learning, etc.
  • Grid Simulations:  Simulation of DER, EV, Demand Response, Line Loss, etc.
  • ESG:  Measure carbon footprint across the utility ecosystem, set targets, and provide key accounts critical information. The one-line diagram illustrates the ability for the ENX Energy Platform to integrate and graph all grid assets and intelligence to increase grid operational efficiencies and lower grid capital requirements


  • Grid Network View:  360 Degree view of the distribution network in a graph nodal view.
  • Grid Solutions:  Pre-Designed solutions like Public Safety Power Shutoff, Demand Response and many more.
  • Map view:  map view of all assets with layers and simulation tools.
  • Gid Dashboards:  Enabling independent users to create a visibility of all grid analytics, alerts, map, solutions and simulations.
  • Grid Assets:  Registry of all grid assets with associated alarms, analytics, and geospatial view.
  • Grid Alerts:   Self-service alerts based on determined thresholds. 



Solutions + Value Drivers:

EV Siting/Sizing

map use/need for optimal implementation

EV Load Simulations

predict and respond to true need across your ecosystem

EV Monitoring/Control

using graph technology

EV/DR Integration

integrate EV's into your portfolio of resources

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