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Public Safety Power Management Solution offers Smart Fire Mitigation


The enxchange Public Safety Power Management (PSPM) solution is an energy management system designed to provide reliable, cost-effective, and safe power for emergency responders, first responders, and other public safety personnel. PSPM allows agencies to monitor, manage, and control their energy usage to ensure that critical public safety operations are not interrupted. By utilizing smart technology within the PSPM solution, agencies can customize energy usage to meet their public safety needs, while controlling costs and reducing energy waste. Smart technology sensors detect changes in temperature, humidity, and other parameters that can indicate the potential for a fire. These sensors can then alert authorities and allow them to respond quickly and effectively. The PSPM solution can be used to predict the spread of fires, allowing authorities to evacuate people in time and deploy resources more effectively as well as detecting illegal logging, that can lead to an increased risk of forest fires.

Utility Fire Mitigation Strategies

Utilities manage energy during wildfires by implementing safety protocols and emergency response plans. This includes monitoring and controlling power outages, ensuring the safety of utility workers, and managing the flow of electricity to the public. Utilities also focus on restoring power quickly and safely to those affected by the fire, as well as providing information on the status of the power. According to the National Interagency Fire Center there have been:

  • 7,776 Incidents Year-to-date Wildfires
  • 11,919 Acres Burned on Large Fires
  • 123,470 Year-to-date Acres Burned

The enxchange PSPM solution provides utilities tools to monitor energy usage and identify potential problems that could cause outages. Additionally, the enxchange platform enables utilities to remotely shut off or restart power to specific areas, allowing for greater control over energy usage during outages.

Smart Energy Management Platforms

Smart energy platforms can be used to identify areas that are at risk of power outages due to fires and can also be used to remotely shut off or restart power to specific areas, allowing for greater control over energy usage during outages. Additionally, energy platforms can be used to provide real-time updates on fire status, allowing utilities to better monitor and manage the situation.

These platforms can help customers affected by power outages by providing them with tools to monitor their energy usage. This can help customers determine when their power will be restored, as well as helping them identify areas that are at risk of outages. Additionally, energy platforms can be used to automate energy-saving measures during outages, such as dimming lights or setting thermostats to a lower temperature. This can help customers reduce their energy usage while still being able to access power.

Enx empowers solution integrity through data insights, predictive machine learning, and advanced resiliency designs.  

  • Drag and drop analytics display for custom dashboard views.
  • Automated alerts that sync with display wall.
  • Save storyboard layouts by substation, feeders, phases, consumers, and more.
  • enx utilizes control room visualization technology applications with companies such as Activu.

These features aid in keeping track of energy usage and spotting potential issues that may lead to outages. If you have any questions in regard to our PSPM solutions, feel free to request a demo.