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enx ei360 Episode 20: Data, Data, and More Data

Episode 20 of the enx ei360 podcast features a conversation with Joseph Voelz, Chief Technology Officer, discussing the evolving role of #data and #graph technology in modern #energy solutions.  

Joe emphasizes the importance of starting with the right data architecture to leverage advancements in #AI and #machinelearning  learning effectively. The conversation touches upon the challenges faced in integrating and visualizing data, particularly in #utility  management and #smartgrid  implementations. Joe's expertise in graph technology is highlighted as a crucial element in addressing these challenges, with a particular emphasis on its flexibility and capability in deriving insights from complex data relationships.

The episode concludes with a broader reflection on the rapid advancements in AI and machine learning, including the recent emergence of #generativeai  models like ChatGPT, and their significance in various industries. True value lies in insights derived from data, not just the data itself, and how the enxchange technology and team, including experts like Joe, are instrumental in helping clients capitalize on these insights to monetize data and, by extension, energy.