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ei360 Podcast Episode 9: Digital Twins in the Built Environment

In this episode of the ei360 podcast, we have two insightful guests. Marc Petock, Vice President and Chief Marketing & Communications Officer of Lynxspring, joins the discussion to shed light on the fascinating world of digital twins and their profound impact on energy within the built environment. Marc's expertise in marketing and communications in the energy sector provides valuable insights into the latest developments and trends.

Additionally, Jamie Tate, Director of Business Development for enxchange, offers a comprehensive overview of the Grid Interactive Controller (GIC) and its multitude of benefits. Jamie takes us through how this innovative technology is revolutionizing energy management and interaction with the grid, making it more efficient and sustainable.

Together, Marc Petock and Jamie Tate provide valuable insight into the evolving landscape of energy in the built environment, offering listeners a better understanding of the cutting-edge technologies and strategies shaping the industry's future.