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ei360 Podcast Episode 18- Data Insights is the New Gold

In this episode of the ei360 podcast begins with the focus of the November series is n data, building on a previous interview with Jamie. David expands on Jamie’s introduction to data from a data scientist's perspective, discussing how enx creates new digital solutions for clients.

David emphasizes the importance of digitization in today's world, particularly in the energy sector. He speaks about the transformation from linear energy flow to bidirectional energy, virtual power plants, and distributed energy resource management. These complex solutions require orchestrating and reframing data to gain new insights.

The conversation turns to the concept of data being fool's gold, with true value lying in the insights derived from it. David elaborates on various aspects of data management, including the ability to scan, abstract, and engage in multi-variant thinking. This approach leads to increased efficiencies, productivity, and revenues.

David also touches on the need for a holistic view of data, which can lead to envisioning a different future for organizations and changing operational methods. The discussion concludes with an emphasis on the power of data in redefining business solutions and the energy industry.