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enx ei360 Podcast Episode 11: Digital Twins and Graph Technology

Episode 11 wraps up the month of September and our discussion on digital twins. In this episode, David and Sandi welcome Ted Wilmes, Lead Data Architect with Expero. Ted has seen the evolution of digital twins and discusses how the technology allows walls to come down and possibilities to open up in exponential ways.

In this podcast episode, Sandi Coughlin and David Swank welcome Ted Wilmas, the lead architect for the nxEI360 platform, to discuss digital twins and graph technology. They emphasize the significance of building high-fidelity software models of physical objects and how digital twins can enhance various aspects of operations. Ted highlights the importance of integrating data sources from various systems into a digital twin and how this can lead to increased efficiency and innovation. The discussion also touches on the potential of digital twins in the energy industry, distributed energy resource management, and virtual power plants. Throughout the conversation, they express their excitement about the possibilities that technology and digital twins bring and acknowledge the role of individuals like Ted in pushing the boundaries of what's possible.