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ENX Provides Smart Energy for Oil & Gas

Enxchange is an interactive and interoperable datastream company that provides a patent-pending Energy Intelligence Platform (EIPaas) to connect enterprise assets and transact energy.  The ENX agnostic platform provides a single view of internal and external databases on both sides of the electric meter.  The solution proactively orchestrates real time insights supporting decreased costs, increased performance, carbon emission reduction and new revenue streams. 

ENX has 150 years of combined experience in energy management saving oil and gas enterprises up to 30% of utility costs.


ENX Oil & Gas Solution

From wellhead to refinery, ENX is uniquely positioned in the digital energy transition.  Our proprietary architecture enables a 360 view of insights into energy, data, and asset management, all in one platform.

By engage energy diversity for savings, as well as transacting in broader energy markets, and leverage AI / ML through our architecture, Oil and Gas companies can achieve visibility across disparate databases.

New revenue opportunities, energy resiliency, and reduced carbon footprint:

  • Orchestration of company microgrids to manage load factor and increase sustainability. 
  • Multi-variate data analysis – expose existing data streams and interrelate with external databases in real time to coordinate transactive energy locally and across plays. 
  • New IoT data streams enable building and infrastructure assets to interoperate, enable energy and perform asset management preventing downtimes. 
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ENX Energy Intelligent Solutions 


Energy operations are an intersection of security and efficiency.  ENX empowers integrity and operational efficiency through actionable alarms built on predictive machine learning.   Spatiotemporal data from multiple databases expose new opportunities.   

  • Asset relationships for integrity and cyber defense.
  • Critical element integrations from geofencing and audio/visual integration for security integrity.
  • Real-time asset performance monitoring for predictive insights and preventative maintenance.

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