Smart Energy And Healthcare

Health care provider budgets are notoriously tight. Optimizing your power consumption translates directly to meaningful operational cost savings. Imagine having the ability to integrate your MRI, EP Lab, Cath Lab and other systems directly with your HVAC and plant operations into a single monitoring platform.

At ENX we work with the largest power consumers in the world to intimately learn usage patterns, reduce/eliminate power spikes and apply predictive machine learning models to better prepare our customers for the growing energy demands of the future.

Emergency Room Entrance

Empowering Hospitals 

With Intelligent Energy Optimization

By leveraging state of the art Internet of Things (IoT) sensors hospitals can monitor weather, pricing and occupancy insights in real time to understand power load characteristics. With IoT data collection in place healthcare facilities become capable to implement an AI based Energy as a Service (EaaS) initiative.

  • Implement a building management system of systems
  • Integrate with a Grid Interactive Efficient Building (GEB) Controller
  • Conduct predictive and prescriptive building maintenance
  • Decarbonization measurements and real-time mitigation effort receipts

Energy-as-a-Service (Eaas) Solution


Our EaaS solution is a delivery model that combines IoT sensors, software (ENX Platform as a Service) and energy solutions aimed at balancing demand versus supply. 


Key focus areas:

Business Model DMO: Developing a business model framework to capture and harness new sources of revenues. 

Systems Aggregator (FTM/BTM): Increased digitization of the grid coupled with new energy innovations (IoT/DER) allow aggregators to optimize assets on both sides of the meter for increased value.

DERM Utility – Microgrid: The ENX DERM model enables utilities, microgrids and hospitals to integrate all energy resources for optimization. 

Grid Interactive Efficient Buildings: The ENX Platform and GEB controller empowers new capabilities of machine learning, algorithms and transactive energy to further enhance the overall solution.

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