ENX Smart Energy for Airports

Airport operators endure continuous challenges to function with tighter budgets while expected to deliver exceptional service as energy consumption increases.  

The connected passenger of today expects a comfortable work environment, dining options and reliable internet access to complement air travel. Additionally, airlines expect a stable and consistent energy infrastructure for delivering critical operations.

Air Traffic Control Tower

Empowering Airports

With Intelligent Energy Optimization

The demand for energy optimization is paramount for airports to meet demands of the future. The ENX agnostic platform with AI and ML is at the forefront to meet these challenges with a proven airport solution driving new revenue models, energy efficiencies and a reduced carbon footprint. 

  • Orchestrating building management systems (BMS), flight schedules, occupancy and infrastructure
  • In concert with distributed generation (renewables and generators), microgrids and EV
  • Coordination with competing energy demands across facilities and multiple BMS
  • IoT sensors exposing new data opportunities to optimize energy management
Image of businessman at airport looking at airplane taking off

Performance Management and Security 


ENX empowers solution integrity through data insights, predictive ML and advanced resiliency designs.  

•  Proactive and actionable alarm notifications
•  Power resiliency for BMS, distributed energy & microgrids
•  Security from Terminal to AOA perimeter and beyond
•  Infrastructure resiliency

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