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Regardless of industry, existing building management systems (BMS), hardware or competency, today's challenges require a consolidated view of your ecosystem via an agnostic, interoperable and scalable platform.

We help you take control of these forces and other business, operations, health and sustainability challenges by leveraging our agnostic Energy Platform. 

We’ve aggregated best-in-class strategic partners across relational database architecture, renewables, IoT technology, command center logistics and more—all to deliver the energy platform of tomorrow. These partnerships with industry leaders allow us to bring our vision of building a consumer-centric energy economy to life across the world.





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We are industry optimizers, network orchestrators + energy aficionados.

But you can call us ENX

By simply being better stewards of the energy we already consume - in addition to leveraging sustainable energy sources - the answer could be simple.

ENX creates value by connecting the physical environment as a convergent architecture, orchestrating assets to be managed as a system of systems. This enables assets and data to no longer be viewed as static variables or passive actors, but as dynamic, actionable and intuitive.

We prepare our clients for the digital economy, give them better control of their assets, enhanced visibility and insights, and help them reduce carbon emissions. We’re changing the energy equation from high costs and reliability risks to new value levels and increased uptime capabilities.

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In a single, integrated platform, we aggregate all the data and insights needed to proactively manage energy, with real-time visibility, to enable orchestration of energy resources.

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