Mark Hefner

President + CEO of Power Navigation


Mark Hefner is an advisor and consultant to C-level officers across the U.S. He has a track record of helping clients grow revenue, profits and shareholder value through the development and implementation of new strategies and business transformation initiatives. He provides his Clients with guidance and hands on support to
create competitive advantage and achieve sustainable breakthrough results.

Mark has deep expertise in strategy, culture and change acquired through 30 years of experience helping C-level officers and their organizations be more successful. In addition to his service to clients, he has held Senior Partner roles at KPMG, Ernst & Young, Conner Partners, The Palladium Group and prior to founding Power Navigation was President & Chief Executive Officer at N2Growth.

Mark’s industry experience includes Consumer Products, Defense, Energy, Financial Services, Life Sciences, Private Equity, Utilities, Technology and Transportation. He also has extensive international consulting experience working in Australia, Abu Dhabi, Brazil, Canada, Dubai, France, Germany, Guatemala, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Panama, Puerto Rico, Russia, Thailand and U.K.

Mark received his Bachelor of Science Business & Psychology from Central Michigan University and his Master of Science, Organizational Psychology, from Long Beach State.