The enx ei360 energy platform modulates and monetizes energy on both sides of the meter, doing so in complex and proprietary environments.

By 2050, the world will require 57% more electricity. Effectively managing energy assets to meet both current and future power needs require unique thinking, next generation tools, and the people to bring it all together. Our team of network orchestrators and energy optimizers has delivered these capabilities.

ENX creates value by connecting the physical environment as a convergent architecture, orchestrating assets to be managed as a system of systems. This enables assets and data to no longer be viewed as static variables or passive actors, but as dynamic, actionable and intuitive.

We prepare our clients for the digital economy, give them better control of their assets, enhanced visibility and insights, and help them reduce carbon emissions. We’re changing the energy equation from high costs and reliability risks to new value levels and increased uptime capabilities.

Learn how enx can help your organization build a CASE for energy intelligence.

Building a CASE for energy intelligence through Integrated Distribution Resource Planning (IDRP)

Achieve Sustainable Energy Outcomes With Advanced Data Driven Orchestration


The enx ei360 Platform is engineered to enable the future of complex energy management through IoT, multi-vendor data aggregation, AI, control schemes and visualization.

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Energy Platform_Agnostic

Aggregation and integration of all data (asset, load, C&I, infrastructure, operational and more) via Internet of Things (IoT)/beyond-the-meter technology to create usable digital profiles.

Energy Platform_convergent

Data mapping through a convergent architecture which accelerates and relates all data points across your ecosystem.

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Control schemes built within the Nodal DB create data harmonization and interoperability across your network.

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New data visualization gives you deeper insights and control of your ecosystem, enables better decision making and allows for monetization of assets and energy.

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The ei360 Platform as a Service model is offered in five modules to provide orchestrated solutions in a turnkey, scalable way. Through a unique agnostic data gathering approach, each service module captures and creates opportunity from engineered platform layers.



The Virtual Grid Module is a stepping stone into your digital twin. By providing an in-depth look into critical grid operations—enriched with insights from intelligent devices—the Virtual Grid Module moves a user interface beyond the initial “smart grid” to a more enhanced platform of connectivity. Through interactive mapping, circuit-level visibility, and advanced alerting – this module provides utilities and energy providers various cutting-edge solutions for grid hardening and enterprise-level resiliency and stability. 

Load modeling 

Line condition

Condition monitoring of all assets, devices and structures

Public safety power shutoff

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The Distributed Energy Resources (DER) module gives users an up close and intuitive look into their Distributed Energy assets across their enterprise. This visibility gives the end-user the ability to create new value and make more strategic decisions by providing flexibility in managing energy on both sides of the meter. Built upon an engineering design stack for full interoperability, organizations and their accounts can now aggregate and integrate data-streams from these DER assets to improve grid resiliency and provide cost savings from top to bottom.

Control assets with DERM capabilities
Outage management and resiliency
Sustainability (ESG)

Enterprise Pulse


Powered by a multi-faceted graph nodal architecture enriched with real-time data flowing from intelligent devices, the Energy Management System (EMS) module allows users to become an active member of their energy equation. This technology, combined with any current or existing management systems onsite, will further improve an organization’s energy intelligence – providing a full 360-view into energy utilization, asset management, health, and performance. Take walk-through your data from an enterprise level, building-to-building level, asset-to-asset level, and sensor-to-sensor level.

Enhanced decision making with face-up business intelligence 

Predictive + prescriptive maintenance

New insights via machine learning

Situation analysis from digital twin technology





As the Electric Vehicle industry continues to build growth opportunity, the enx platform is a proactive tool for organizations to capitalize on this value while also working to ease the pains that charging infrastructure can and will have on load patterns across an enterprise. The EV Module allows users to monitor and manage the dispatch of EV loads. Through dynamic mapping, load analysis/simulation, scheduling, and integration with distributed energy resources, this solution helps providers gain a better understanding of grid impact and the necessary market responses for overall efficiency.

EV Charger Simulations
EV Management
EV Site Selection

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The DERM module helps organizations optimize their grid network, reduce costs, and improve their overall performance with a higher level of precision and efficiency. This solution allows users to turn investments in solar, battery storage, back-up generation, and beyond-the-meter assets into a new revenue source—allowing consumers to become prosumers in their environment.

Demand Response
Digital Contracts
Control Schemes
Virtual Power Plants




enxchange the way you think about energy

Regardless of industry, existing building management systems (BMS), hardware or competency, today's challenges require a consolidated view of your ecosystem via an agnostic, interoperable and scalable platform.

We’ve aggregated best-in-class strategic partners across relational database architecture, renewables, IoT technology, command center logistics and more—all to deliver the energy platform of tomorrow. These partnerships with industry leaders allow us to bring our vision of building a consumer-centric energy economy to life across the world.



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Energy as a Service (EaaS) and Network Orchestrator represent a step change in utility approaches to delivering value to end customers….the network orchestrator model represents a significant departure from existing paradigms.
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Platforms, and the service providers and orchestrators that connect value to the customer, sit at the confluence of highly disruptive innovation and enable multi-sided value exchange among energy and non-energy service providers as well as prosumers.
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Utility companies, transforming operations and systems with digital technologies can create substantial value: a reduction in operating expenses of up to 25%, which can translate into lower revenue requirements or higher profits. Performance gains of 20-40% in such areas as safety, reliability, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance are also achievable.
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